How to choose the best health blog posts on ClickBank


First of all, there are a number of areas I want to cover before we get to How to Choose the Best ClickBank Health Blog Posts.
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The reason for this is that you will first need to understand these areas before you even touch your computer keyboard, otherwise you will just waste your time. The areas I will look at include:

• Why you should use a blog to promote ClickBank products

• Other methods to promote your health product

• Why you need to identify a niche market

• Factors to consider when choosing which health product to promote

• The best tips for choosing a health product for the blog

• How to choose the best ClickBank health blog posts

Why you should use a blog to promote ClickBank products

One of the best ways to promote your product is to create a blog or website to advertise your product. Blogging is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your affiliate, as it effectively creates a new website every time you write on a blog that, if done right, will get people interested in your health product or service to buy it. .
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Unlike paid traffic methods, advertising on Google, the blog is virtually free, in addition to hosting fees, and a good blog post will bring you traffic for years to come without having to do much more for the blog than the weird update.
There are many methods to set up your blog, including WordPress and Google Blogger.

The most important thing about your blogs is that they relate to the area of ​​health niche that you promote and that you will be noticed – in other words, that you get a ranking of the best Google pages.

Other ways to promote your health products

• Write a sales letter that accurately describes the product and what it can do for the buyer.

• Create a capture page (for email).

• Create a product sales page.

• Create a series of emails that offer niche information, then promote the product in your email list.

• Find new ways to market your item. Post information about this in forums and related websites

Why you need to identify a niche market

To make money from ClickBank, the first thing you need to do is identify a niche market. Try to sell too generally and you will basically be lost among the competitors.

The best example I can think of is the Mama and Pop store, which sells almost everything you can think of. If the store is in a small town in the middle of nowhere, then the store will do well. There will be little or no competition other than the nearest gas station, so the cost will not be a big problem, there will be no problem for someone to find the store, as it is the only one around and people will appreciate the fact that they can buy almost anything. what they need.
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If you now put this same store in the middle of a huge city and what will happen? Well in the first place there will be huge stores nearby like Costco, Walgreens, Target, etc. that will sell and sell the price of everything offered by our store for mom and pop, as there is now huge competition and even the convenience factor will not help as there will almost certainly be 7-11 nearby.

You will also not be able to find the store in a directory, as there will be thousands of stores selling the same thing, so our Mon and Pops store has already matched, has no prices and is out of sight.
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The only way for a store like this to survive is to specialize – the narrower the specialization, the better and strives to be the best store available in this niche.

Let’s say they specialize in samurai swords, there is more likely to be little competition, and in a city of millions, there will always be enough people interested in samurai swords to keep the store in business.

Also, if these people look for “Samaria sword specialists” in a business directory, chances are that there will be little or no competition for our mom and pop store, so the business there will go directly to our store.

There are now billions of customers on the Internet, so the need to go to a niche is even greater. You are not Amazon or eBay, so do not try to compete with them, but specialize – the more niche, the better.

The health niche is a great specialization to focus on, as there is a lot of interest in this field and a lot of money, but you need to specialize in this niche even more and your blog posts should reflect this specialization.

Factors to consider when choosing which health product to promote

Choose a product with a high gravity rating

ClickBank’s gravity rating is based on the number of different affiliates that have sold during the week. A high gravity rating means that many affiliates make sales and in general this means that the product is in high demand and has a high chance of being profitable for you.

Choose a product with a high selling price

Quite simply, the higher the selling price, the more money you will earn, so providing gravity is good, it is better to sell items at a higher price.

Choose products that pay a high commission

Choose products that pay at least 60% commission It is not worth the time and effort to promote a product, unless your commission is at least 60% for lower tickets, say about $ 30- $ 70; following this rule means that you earn a minimum of $ 18 per sale. ClickBank has dozens of products that pay 60% or more – the best often pay 75%. Accept less than a 60% commission only if the sale price is over $ 70 and gravity is good.

The only exception is for items that include periodic charging. These are ClickBank subscription-based products that often allow you to continue earning a commission each time a customer pays for their subscription. In this case, you can reduce your commission by up to 40%.

See the sales page

A product with lower gravity is not necessarily unprofitable and in particular new products can be very profitable and of course the competition will be less as fewer people will sell the same product. Ways to find newer products that may sell well include clicking on the sales page and checking for long copies of sales, as this will convert much better than the short copy.

You can then compare the copy with competing products. Is it convincing? If competitors have better looking and better sounding copies for sale, then the product is unlikely to sell well. Also, if you can find a new high-priced product that has a detailed and well-written sales page that is on par with or superior to comparable products that have sold well in the past and provides an excellent commission rate, this may be great product to sell.

Search your product on the Internet

Check for Internet searches on the basic search term of your product in the form of many PPC ads.

You can take this as a sign that there is money to be made in the market. An extremely profitable product must reveal dozens of ads for PPC, which is a sign of a healthy market.

On the other hand, if the search shows only a handful of ads and only one of them appears to be an affiliate. This suggests that the market is either undiscovered or unprofitable – and it is likely to be the last!

The best tips for choosing a healthy product for the blog

Promote high quality health products that you would personally enjoy and buy. If you personally like the products, it will be easier for you to sell them. You will also share a similar understanding and passion with other potential customers. This increases your confidence.

Review the tools and tips that product owners offer on partner descriptions on the website of their programs. Many offer helpful tips on how to best promote your product, as well as banners and marketing credentials that you can use.

Test Hoplinks periodically to make sure they are still working properly. If something goes wrong, you will not make money.

See your competition. Are there other affiliates that are already promoting these products. How do they do it?

Read their sales copy and ask yourself if it is convincing, true and believable. Copy what you think works and leave what doesn’t work.

How to choose the best ClickBank health niche blog posts

Okay, so now I’m going to go through the process of choosing one of the best possible posts on the ClickBank Health Niche blog, using the information provided so far.

So first of all let’s choose a good product; I will choose one that provides a cure for hemorrhoids.

OK, not a very sexy product, but great gravity and commission and the fact that it pays up to $ 417.85 per registration is very sexy!

You will now need to find a list of keywords that are the best words to promote to the people on the page.

As far as I’m concerned, you absolutely need to use a keyword tool to take the next step in the process; I use Jaaxy, but you can choose any of the tools there.

Let’s take what should be a great keyword, which is “Cure for Hemorrhoids”.

Jaaxy shows us the average amount of traffic each word receives per month, the number of visits you can expect to receive each month on your website if you assume that you have received a page ranking on Google, the number of competing websites for your keyword. keyword and keyword get 100, showing how good the keyword is.

“Cure for Hemorrhoids” has only an average result, mainly due to the fact that there is so much competition for this word and it would be better to write a blog post entitled “Cure for Hemorrhoids Naturally”, as it has much less competition and although the page impressions are less, you are much more likely to achieve them using this keyword.

Therefore, for this health niche in ClickBank I in the blog, I would suggest a title like “How to find a cure for hemorrhoids naturally” and then either research the article yourself or pay someone $ 5 to Fiverr to write it.

So we not only found a ClickBank product that works well in our niche, but we found a high-rated keyword article that is very likely to rank on Google’s page 1 and will bring about 72 targeted visitors to your blog. month everyone is very likely to click on your affiliate link and buy your product.

All you have to do now is copy this to your own health niche and lubricate it in ClickBank!