Autoblog with WordPress


Autologging is the concept of automatically generating content for your site. This means you don’t want to create content yourself, upload it and post it on your site, search for photos, videos and partner products – all done by an autopilot for you.

Autoblogging is a time and money saver if you want to create many sites that earn income for you.

First and foremost

Autoblogs will not make you a millionaire. However, they will save you time. You need to be realistic about your monetary expectations from your blog. I work on the principle that if a blog makes me five dollars a day, I’m happy. Some blogs do more, others do less.

You need to decide on the revenue generation method for your blog. You should always do research first to see if there are products that people buy in your niche and related products to promote.

The next one

You need to install WordPress on your own domain and hosting account. WordPress has built-in rss integration and this is necessary if you are going to collect content from the web and publish it on your own site.

You will need to use an auto-save plugin. There are free and paid versions of these plugins. If you have a budget, you can try Feed WordPress or WP Omatic. Obviously, paid auto-recorders have more features and functionality than free ones.

Once you’ve installed your chosen auto-save plugin, it’s time to take content from other sites and submit it with your auto-save plugin to your site. Make sure you read the terms of use of each site you offer to download content to make sure the webmaster has no objections.

After using the auto-save plugin, you’ll find that you have a site that is constantly updated with new content and affiliate products.

To separate your blog from the hundreds of autoblogs, you need to do a little work. Just by doing some basic SEO and using SEO plugins like Headspace2, you can significantly improve your blog. It only takes a few more minutes, but it can give you great results.

One of the best things about automatic recording is that once you set it up, it’s really hands-free. Provided you have done your niche and keyword research in advance, it will take you less than 30 minutes to get started. I would recommend that you take some of the time you have left to build links and add unique content to your autoblog to make it a more valuable part of virtual real estate.