10 trends for the development of mobile applications in 2018. A set for the transformation of the technological space


At the end of the year, mobile application development tops the list of innovative trends that will hit the market in the coming years. Sometimes innovations can refer to small iterations in existing technologies, but for others they could fully describe a major overhaul and transformation.

Mobile applications have always been at the forefront of problem solving, “but now the user experience is dominated by the latest trends. This technology-conscious era has already made a huge leap in understanding users’ problems and needs. It is no surprise that we are far beyond the roots of innovation, now armed with so many basic technologies, solutions and ideas, we are thinking more about simplifying the existing process, which could certainly be possible when we are up to date.

Here we present the five hot trends for the development of mobile applications, which will take a leading place next year.

1. Augmented Reality (AR)

Both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have taken over the entertainment and gaming industries. Nothing can stop AR technology in mobile applications from gaining new momentum in 2018.

2. Blockchain

A study by IBM found that nine out of ten state-owned companies plan to invest in a blockchain to manage financial transactions, manage assets, manage contracts and comply with regulatory requirements. While another Infosys study says a third of banks are expected to adopt a commercial blockchain in 2018. This proves that the demand for security knows no bounds.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Through the use of advanced analytics, cognitive interfaces in complex systems and machine learning technologies, AI will obviously provide business users with access to powerful insights never before available to them.

4. Cloud Tech

Cloud technologies, which provide major benefits such as streamlined operations, reduced equipment and hosting costs, increased application storage capacity and improved performance and collaboration, intend to dominate in 2018. Have you already integrated? Do not miss.

5. Internet of Things (IoT)

The well-known technology, which certainly gave a special place in our family or homes and gave it the title of the so-called smart home, is now driven by a big change, analysts say. Let’s wait and see what comes next year.

6. Business bots

Whether you work in B2C / B2B and develop your own SAAS application, bots will become indispensable for you. Optimized business processes, minimized costs and increased profits give them the technological tiara of 2018.

7. Lazy loading

We all abandoned the app or website, which took too long to load the images. But now with a tendency to lazy load it will no longer be. Now the images will load only when the page is turned on. Really smart.

8. Instant apps for Android

Instant Android apps allow Android users to launch your apps instantly without installation. It also allows users to experience beautiful and captivating applications with material design and smooth animations without installing them on their devices. New ones again to rule the years ahead!

9. AMP (accelerated mobile pages)

AMP will allow developers to develop fast-loading websites and mobile applications. This will reduce the dropout rate and increase the performance level of various mobile devices.

10. Security and protection

With the rapid development of the mobile application industry, third-party SDKs are gaining supremacy and applications are gathering more and more information, which increases risks, vulnerabilities and security breaches. This hesitation certainly requires security and protection solutions as a great necessity.

The market cares more about potential new market value, innovation and something that has never been seen before. The trends for the development of mobile applications 2018 are again ready to disrupt the technology sector. Let’s see how fast they move forward.