Rope Tug: Freelancer Vs Web Development Company


The web development scenario has been transforming in the last few years. Today, web design and development tasks are among the best outsourced jobs from companies around the world. This is due to a key change in the approach to website development. From a meager job that required the least attention, it has become a much-talked-about trend. The development of a website is rather related to the development of an online presence aimed at expanding the company’s reach in the market. Hiring the right subject is often the biggest challenge you face while outsourcing development tasks.

Web development is often served by two large organizations – an established website development company and a freelancer or individual developer. Businesses usually prefer to work with established development companies. However, smaller businesses prefer freelancers or independent developers.

If you find it difficult to determine who you should outsource your next development endeavor to, then it is best to consider the pros and cons of hiring both organizations. Then, according to your requirements, you can assign your task to a freelancer or organization.

Let’s analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the two objects.

Pros and cons of hiring a web development company

Website development companies are established entities with predetermined workflows, so their service fee is obviously high. But they give you every reason to rejoice. These companies employ specialized programmers who are familiar with various programming languages ​​such as HTML, PHP, CSS, jQuery and Dreamweaver. This allows them to provide you with highly efficient web services and customization options.

Development companies also take less time to complete the work assigned, as they have more resources to work diligently on it. Some companies are expanding web development packages as part of their portfolio of services that include almost every element that is essential for website development and maintenance. Web content management, social media marketing, web hosting and support services are some of the services included in the web development package.

Problems encountered when hiring a web development company

Apart from the increased pricing, there are some other problems that one can face while outsourcing to web development companies. Sometimes there may be conflicts between customers and the company regarding transactions and optimization services. Some development companies try to implement their own ideas in a project, instead of understanding the needs of the clients and providing results accordingly.

On the other hand, some companies simply overdo web pages or websites with plugins and features. Adding unnecessary gadgets and design functionality can reduce the loading speed of a website, thus adversely affecting its performance. If you look at customer retention, loading speed is an essential aspect. The average loading time while a person switches from one page to another is two seconds. Thus, companies should try to achieve a time interval of about 2 seconds.

Pros and cons of hiring a freelance profession

Small businesses and start-ups often prefer to hire freelancers for their development projects. This is because their fee is lower than that of an established software company. In addition, some freelancers present amazing products that exceed the quality offered by professional web design companies, especially in terms of layout, functionality and usability.

However, hiring freelancers can also be risky. Past experience has shown that some liberal professions are not able to achieve results within a certain period of time and the quality of the results is not in line with expectations. The reasons for this can be numerous – a decrease in the level of interest while working on a project, lack of necessary experience and pressure on the deadline.

Since only one person is working on the project, you can expect a delay and a longer time to complete the project.

Problems encountered when hiring freelancers

You may not encounter behavioral problems with any freelance web developer you encounter, but that’s certainly the case with most of them. Another problem a freelancer faces is a lack of innovation and a second opinion, especially when he is unsure about his programming ideas and concepts. Sometimes they can even leave the project in the middle without finishing it. This may be due to the fact that they have found better paid projects or other opportunities to make money quickly.

The winner is …

The website development company definitely has a hand over the freelancers. They have more experience and the risk is less. Execution time is also less. Some companies are committed to providing an entirely new website in just one week.

Web development companies have emerged as winners, but in the end it all depends on your details. Keep your details in mind and then decide who you want to outsource.