How to give a human face to your company through a corporate blog?


Blogging platforms have evolved in great ways and now from a technical point of view it is very easy and cost effective to create a corporate blog for your company. The main purpose of this should be to inform potential customers and actual customers about your activities in a way that is not formal, but fun and interactive.

We’ve put together 10 tips on how you can use the power of blogging to your company and how to give your company a human face through blogging.

1. It is known that people do business from companies they know, like and trust; as people like Richard Branson or Donald Trump post on their companies’ blogs, you need to write about the people in management – their success stories and professional achievements;

2. The corporate blog doesn’t have to be just a long list of press releases; must have a personal touch and engage comments and opinions from readers;

3. Include photos and videos from company parties, team building, CSR activities, trainings, everything that is focused on the people from your company;

4. Carefully optimize the corporate blog to improve the visibility of the main website; blogs are indexed much faster than regular search engine websites and they can put your suggestions faster in the eyes of your potential customers; use text links to various pages on your main website; you can host the blog on a separate domain or on “”;

5. Socialize your blog: include links at the end of posts so readers can share them on their social media profiles;

6. List the blog in the main blog directories, include an inclusion form to collect email addresses and invite readers to subscribe to your RSS feed;

7. Publish regularly general data on the best markets for your industry, case studies, trends and information that may be useful to your readers;

8. Engage people to review your products and services; post a review of one of your products and invite people to share their thoughts and send feedback; there will also be some negative voices (they are all the time, but let’s not worry about them)!

9. Engage other specialized bloggers in your industry to write about your products; some of these services will be subject to a fee, but the investment is worth making;

10. Engage readers through competitions and surveys; they will show them that you care about them, and will make them return to your blog and also visit your company’s website.