Infinitely growing business opportunities in Dubai


The city of Dubai is constantly growing and has become one of the largest economies in the United Arab Emirates. The city offers great investment opportunities for both local and international business investors. The city attracts a large number of traders due to the many free zones located throughout the city, offering profitable incentives for business. There are currently more than twenty free zones throughout the UAE, and more than three have been established in Dubai. They offer a variety of benefits in the region, allowing investors to choose from a variety of options depending on their requirements.
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The economic environment

The city of Dubai is located in the Middle East of the United Arab Emirates. The city’s economy is open to an increased level of per capita income. In addition, the city has a dual financial center that commands the supremacy of the UAE economy. There are endless opportunities for international business, in addition to establishing trade relations with large and small trading companies.
Doing business in Dubai

International investors have the right to carry out various activities in Dubai. However, they can start their own business only after registering with the local authorities. Usually, all international investors can start a business or business in any part of the city. Companies that are interested in trading in the city just need to hire a legal sales agent.

Current scenario of different business sectors

Below are a few business sectors that thrive in Dubai-

1. Aviation industry – The Dubai Airlines is thriving worldwide and boasts great standards of service, efficiency and technological advancement. The aviation industry has seen impressive growth in just a few years. Dubai has an excellent aviation infrastructure and seamless travel facilities that are world-renowned. The demand for air transport is constantly growing. Airports serve about 100 million passengers.

2. Tourism sector – Dubai is known as the most expensive and exciting holiday destination. Dubai has the tallest skyscraper in the world (BURJ KHALIFA), the only seven-star hotel in the world (BURJ AL ARAB) and the largest indoor snow park (SKI DUBAI). The city offers tourists both value and wealth and due to its strategic location is the ideal place for international conferences. There are all kinds of world-class facilities, such as accommodation in hotels, transport and commercial sites. Dubai continues to develop and thrive, becoming a very lively destination with diverse and high quality tourism. In fact, it is the perfect place for any type of traveler. Dubai is now a global hub and is best suited for business as well as leisure.

3. Polygraphy – Dubai’s printing industry plays an important role in the UAE economy and has been ranked 6th for its contribution to the country’s GDP. The printing industry has been in demand since the 1990s and has grown by about 10 percent each year. Sharjah has become a hub for the printing industry and has huge printing jobs. The products and solutions of the printing companies are offered at very low prices, which makes the city an effective outsourcing center. The printing press in Sharjah offers a wide range of printing services such as digital printing, newspapers, silk screen and more.

4. IT industry – There are several IT companies in Dubai. These companies offer valuable products and services such as software development, web design, web hosting, mobile development and cloud services and more. The scope of the IT industry is growing every day and there are many job opportunities in this sector. Dubai’s IT industry attracts immigrants from all over the world. In addition, many international IT companies are setting up headquarters in the city.



10 WordPress plugins that save bloggers time


1. Statistics on WordPress.com

Personally, I think it is essential for bloggers to track activity on their blogs. You can use a web analytics tool, but it takes some time to navigate through all the reports. This is where the plugin will be useful. The WordPress.com Statistics Plugin is a great help in this regard. Instead of using another app, you can track your blog’s statistics directly from the WordPress dashboard.
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2. WP-questionnaires

It is a well-known fact that people like to take part in surveys. There are options available to you online, but the WP-Polls plugin will allow you to create custom surveys on the WordPress dashboard. You do not need to leave your account to log in to another site to manage it. This is only if you want to use surveys.
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3. Sociable

This plugin automatically adds links to your favorite social bookmarking sites in your posts, pages, and your RSS feed. You can choose from 99 different social bookmarking sites.

4. Aksimet

It is very important to activate your Akismet plugin in your blog. The fact is that unfortunately blogs receive comments that are spam. This plugin checks your comments against the Akismet web service to see if they look like spam or not, and allows you to view the spam it captures under the “comments” screen of your blog. Your readers don’t like to see spam comments. This can easily lead to a reduction in your traffic. I can’t stress this enough, please make sure you use a plugin like Akismet. This WordPress plugin will save you time.
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5. Mathematical comment Spam

In the fast-growing era of technology, it is unfortunate that spam blocking plug-ins like Akismet will not always be enough to remove all spam comments. By using the Math Comment Spam plugin together with the Akismet plugin, you will be able to reduce spam comments. The Math Comment Spam plugin will ask readers a simple math problem like 2 x 3 before they can comment. This is to make sure this is a human comment.
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6. Thematic tester

Sometimes bloggers want to change the theme of WordPress. You don’t want your audience to see the changes until it’s over and ready. The Theme Tester plugin will be of great help here. Your readers will see your existing design until everything is set up and ready to publish.
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7. WP database backup

I want you to read the following carefully! If your blog is important to you, do yourself a big favor and install the WP-Database Backup backup plugin. Most importantly, this plugin should be installed and configured to back up your WordPress database. This plugin will save the data to your hard drive or be emailed to you. The next important point I want to emphasize is the following: Please note that this plugin only backs up your database files. Please be sure to manually back up your WordPress content folder from your hosting account.
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8. Easytube

This plugin will help you get a video on YouTube or Google posted on your blog. Easily embed YouTube and Google videos into your post quickly. Easytube also includes an image to preview your YouTube videos in the RSS feed with a link to the video. If you want to take advantage of visual media, it is essential to install this plugin.
9. Automatically close comments, pingbacks and trackbacks

To reduce spam in older posts, you can use this plugin. Older posts are targets for automated spam bots for comments. After installing the plugin, set the time frame to the date when you want to close the comments for your posts. Everything is already set up and done!
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10. Google Maps Plugin

This plugin speaks for itself. If you want to use Google Maps to be part of your blog post, this plugin will help you in the process of creating, inserting and customizing. This WordPress plugin will definitely save you time.
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I really hope these 10 WordPress plugins save you time and make blogging a holiday. Take advantage of it and enjoy your blogs!
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Beginner’s Guide to NAT and Port Redirection


Most people have probably heard of port redirection, for the average home user you may need to do this to increase your download speed for a home torrent! However, port forwarding is used for much more than that, it is used to allow someone to use a service that is behind a NAT router or firewall.
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What is NAT – NAT stands for “Network Address Translation”, which is what is used to translate a public ip address to a private one. But why should we do this? Well, when the Internet was first created, no one ever thought we could run out of our 4,294,967,296 IP addresses (Not all of them are globally routed!) It turns out that we underestimated that figure, and a few years ago people started to realize that we are over. This includes NAT; NAT allows multiple machines to use a single public ip address. This means that we can have 1000 users who surf the Internet, all under one public ip address. This obviously takes care of the lack of address space, but not without its shortcomings.
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So how about port forwarding? – Well, this really has to do with NAT, because we can already have cases where there are several machines behind a public ip address, what happens when someone sends a web request to the public ip address that hosts a website? How does the router know where to send the request? Yes, you guessed it, with port forwarding! The router will have a list of ports that the administrator can configure to forward to an internal machine. This means that once the router receives a packet destined for port 80, for example, it checks its port forwarding table and sends the packet to the appropriate internal IP address.
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The disadvantage of NAT – Although NAT solves our address space problem (without NAT we would have run out of address space some time ago!), It also created several problems of its own. To begin with, NAT takes the point-to-point connection on which the Internet is based, for example, to say that a malicious request has been sent by a public ip, if you want to trace it back to an individual user, you will have many problems especially if there is more than 100 users! NAT also causes problems with some older software and there are cases when applications and games will not work through a NAT router.
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Although NAT has caused several problems, they defiantly do not outweigh the pros. Until ipv6 is fully implemented, NAT will continue to save us from the lack of address space facing the Internet. NAT also offers some security benefits; this is because the NAT router will only forward a packet that has a valid destination, if the port is not forwarded, the packet is dropped.
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How to choose the best health blog posts on ClickBank


First of all, there are a number of areas I want to cover before we get to How to Choose the Best ClickBank Health Blog Posts.
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The reason for this is that you will first need to understand these areas before you even touch your computer keyboard, otherwise you will just waste your time. The areas I will look at include:

• Why you should use a blog to promote ClickBank products

• Other methods to promote your health product

• Why you need to identify a niche market

• Factors to consider when choosing which health product to promote

• The best tips for choosing a health product for the blog

• How to choose the best ClickBank health blog posts

Why you should use a blog to promote ClickBank products

One of the best ways to promote your product is to create a blog or website to advertise your product. Blogging is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your affiliate, as it effectively creates a new website every time you write on a blog that, if done right, will get people interested in your health product or service to buy it. .
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Unlike paid traffic methods, advertising on Google, the blog is virtually free, in addition to hosting fees, and a good blog post will bring you traffic for years to come without having to do much more for the blog than the weird update.
There are many methods to set up your blog, including WordPress and Google Blogger.

The most important thing about your blogs is that they relate to the area of ​​health niche that you promote and that you will be noticed – in other words, that you get a ranking of the best Google pages.

Other ways to promote your health products

• Write a sales letter that accurately describes the product and what it can do for the buyer.

• Create a capture page (for email).

• Create a product sales page.

• Create a series of emails that offer niche information, then promote the product in your email list.

• Find new ways to market your item. Post information about this in forums and related websites

Why you need to identify a niche market

To make money from ClickBank, the first thing you need to do is identify a niche market. Try to sell too generally and you will basically be lost among the competitors.

The best example I can think of is the Mama and Pop store, which sells almost everything you can think of. If the store is in a small town in the middle of nowhere, then the store will do well. There will be little or no competition other than the nearest gas station, so the cost will not be a big problem, there will be no problem for someone to find the store, as it is the only one around and people will appreciate the fact that they can buy almost anything. what they need.
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If you now put this same store in the middle of a huge city and what will happen? Well in the first place there will be huge stores nearby like Costco, Walgreens, Target, etc. that will sell and sell the price of everything offered by our store for mom and pop, as there is now huge competition and even the convenience factor will not help as there will almost certainly be 7-11 nearby.

You will also not be able to find the store in a directory, as there will be thousands of stores selling the same thing, so our Mon and Pops store has already matched, has no prices and is out of sight.
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The only way for a store like this to survive is to specialize – the narrower the specialization, the better and strives to be the best store available in this niche.

Let’s say they specialize in samurai swords, there is more likely to be little competition, and in a city of millions, there will always be enough people interested in samurai swords to keep the store in business.

Also, if these people look for “Samaria sword specialists” in a business directory, chances are that there will be little or no competition for our mom and pop store, so the business there will go directly to our store.

There are now billions of customers on the Internet, so the need to go to a niche is even greater. You are not Amazon or eBay, so do not try to compete with them, but specialize – the more niche, the better.

The health niche is a great specialization to focus on, as there is a lot of interest in this field and a lot of money, but you need to specialize in this niche even more and your blog posts should reflect this specialization.

Factors to consider when choosing which health product to promote

Choose a product with a high gravity rating

ClickBank’s gravity rating is based on the number of different affiliates that have sold during the week. A high gravity rating means that many affiliates make sales and in general this means that the product is in high demand and has a high chance of being profitable for you.

Choose a product with a high selling price

Quite simply, the higher the selling price, the more money you will earn, so providing gravity is good, it is better to sell items at a higher price.

Choose products that pay a high commission

Choose products that pay at least 60% commission It is not worth the time and effort to promote a product, unless your commission is at least 60% for lower tickets, say about $ 30- $ 70; following this rule means that you earn a minimum of $ 18 per sale. ClickBank has dozens of products that pay 60% or more – the best often pay 75%. Accept less than a 60% commission only if the sale price is over $ 70 and gravity is good.

The only exception is for items that include periodic charging. These are ClickBank subscription-based products that often allow you to continue earning a commission each time a customer pays for their subscription. In this case, you can reduce your commission by up to 40%.

See the sales page

A product with lower gravity is not necessarily unprofitable and in particular new products can be very profitable and of course the competition will be less as fewer people will sell the same product. Ways to find newer products that may sell well include clicking on the sales page and checking for long copies of sales, as this will convert much better than the short copy.

You can then compare the copy with competing products. Is it convincing? If competitors have better looking and better sounding copies for sale, then the product is unlikely to sell well. Also, if you can find a new high-priced product that has a detailed and well-written sales page that is on par with or superior to comparable products that have sold well in the past and provides an excellent commission rate, this may be great product to sell.

Search your product on the Internet

Check for Internet searches on the basic search term of your product in the form of many PPC ads.

You can take this as a sign that there is money to be made in the market. An extremely profitable product must reveal dozens of ads for PPC, which is a sign of a healthy market.

On the other hand, if the search shows only a handful of ads and only one of them appears to be an affiliate. This suggests that the market is either undiscovered or unprofitable – and it is likely to be the last!

The best tips for choosing a healthy product for the blog

Promote high quality health products that you would personally enjoy and buy. If you personally like the products, it will be easier for you to sell them. You will also share a similar understanding and passion with other potential customers. This increases your confidence.

Review the tools and tips that product owners offer on partner descriptions on the website of their programs. Many offer helpful tips on how to best promote your product, as well as banners and marketing credentials that you can use.

Test Hoplinks periodically to make sure they are still working properly. If something goes wrong, you will not make money.

See your competition. Are there other affiliates that are already promoting these products. How do they do it?

Read their sales copy and ask yourself if it is convincing, true and believable. Copy what you think works and leave what doesn’t work.

How to choose the best ClickBank health niche blog posts

Okay, so now I’m going to go through the process of choosing one of the best possible posts on the ClickBank Health Niche blog, using the information provided so far.

So first of all let’s choose a good product; I will choose one that provides a cure for hemorrhoids.

OK, not a very sexy product, but great gravity and commission and the fact that it pays up to $ 417.85 per registration is very sexy!

You will now need to find a list of keywords that are the best words to promote to the people on the page.

As far as I’m concerned, you absolutely need to use a keyword tool to take the next step in the process; I use Jaaxy, but you can choose any of the tools there.

Let’s take what should be a great keyword, which is “Cure for Hemorrhoids”.

Jaaxy shows us the average amount of traffic each word receives per month, the number of visits you can expect to receive each month on your website if you assume that you have received a page ranking on Google, the number of competing websites for your keyword. keyword and keyword get 100, showing how good the keyword is.

“Cure for Hemorrhoids” has only an average result, mainly due to the fact that there is so much competition for this word and it would be better to write a blog post entitled “Cure for Hemorrhoids Naturally”, as it has much less competition and although the page impressions are less, you are much more likely to achieve them using this keyword.

Therefore, for this health niche in ClickBank I in the blog, I would suggest a title like “How to find a cure for hemorrhoids naturally” and then either research the article yourself or pay someone $ 5 to Fiverr to write it.

So we not only found a ClickBank product that works well in our niche, but we found a high-rated keyword article that is very likely to rank on Google’s page 1 and will bring about 72 targeted visitors to your blog. month everyone is very likely to click on your affiliate link and buy your product.

All you have to do now is copy this to your own health niche and lubricate it in ClickBank!


WordPress administrator can’t log in – 6 steps to regain access to WP Dashboard (2018)


The administrative area of ​​WordPress works in exactly the same way as the other parts of the system – through a login system (“/ wp-admin”) you can access the dashboard, through which you can add posts, etc.

Although there are a number of potential causes for the problem, they are all relatively easy to fix.

The most important thing to note is that your system * may be infected with malware. I’ve had this problem before – hackers inject code into your WordPress system in the hopes that it will spread fake traffic to them.

If you have ANY malware problem with WordPress, you will need to contact a technician to review it. When it happened to us, our sites were constantly being attacked, and we eventually had to move hosts.

Obviously, the malware will not be high on the list – the most likely problem you have is either a plug-in that is preventing you from logging in, or some other problem has prevented WordPress from verifying you.


As mentioned, there are several common reasons that usually lead to the admin area not working:

  • A bad update prevented WordPress from updating its core files

  • Some plug-ins prevent input

  • You have set your application to https: // and are constantly experiencing a redirect cycle

  • The files on your system may have been changed on the server

  • WordPress may be infected with malware

The most important thing to note is that WordPress is built with PHP.

PHP is a scripting language that provides basic “dynamic” functionality for Internet-oriented applications, allowing for similar dynamic pages, login / exit functionality, and more.

Although PHP has been around for many decades and is supported by most hosting providers, there are a number of cases where its applications may not work properly.

Your WordPress installation is probably experiencing this issue, although there are a number of other issues (hosting / malware / encryption issues, etc.) that also cause it.

To solve the problem, you can do 6 “steps” …


1. Clear your browser’s cache

The first step is to clear your browser’s cache.

Your browser’s “cache” basically stores websites, login information, and more.

It exists to give your browser the ability to “save” relevant files, allowing it to load files / websites faster. You will be surprised how crucial this really is.

* The case may not be updated in the WordPress admin panel cache. Although a relatively rare problem, it can still cause an entry problem:

  • Chrome
  • Click the “vertical dots” top menu in the upper right corner of the Chrome window

  • From the drop-down menu, select “Settings”

  • Click “Advanced” (you’ll need to scroll down)

  • In the “Privacy and Security” section, select “Clear browsing data”

  • Check each box and make sure “All times” is selected

  • Click Clear Data (blue box)

  • Let it clear the cache

  • Firefox
  • Click the “Horizontal Lines” menu in the upper right corner of the screen

  • Select “Options”

  • Select “Privacy” (left sidebar)

  • Click “Clear your recent history”

  • Select all and make sure “All” is selected

  • Click “Clear Now”

  • Let it clear the cache

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Click on the “points” menu in the upper right corner of the window

  • From the drop-down menu, select “Settings”

  • Scroll down to “Clear browsing data”

  • Click the “Choose what to clear” button

  • Select all available options and click “Clear”

  • Let it clear the cache

This will not solve the error, but it should ensure that your browsers do not cause additional problems.

2. Access CPanel

The next step is to access CPanel (or the equivalent control panel for your hosting).

EVERY WordPress must be hosted somewhere; the way you can manage different resources / server depends on what type of control panel your host can run.

The point is, you need access to your system’s files.

With CPanel this is done with “File Manager”; may differ depending on the type of hosting you use …

  • Log in to your hosting provider

  • Browse the control panel and look for any way to access your system’s File Manager

If you can’t access the file manager, you need to talk to your host – or – access via FTP.

If you want to use FTP, you will need to do the following:

  • Download the FTP application (FileZilla was the one I used before)

  • Once downloaded, launch the app

  • In the “IP” / “Address” field, enter “ftp.yourdomain.com” (or any FTP address – your host will be able to tell you)

  • You will need to enter your FTP user data in the “username” and “password” fields (again, your host can help you if this is not something you know)

Once you have access to the files on your system, you will be able to start working on the fix.

3. Disable plug-ins (Rename folder)

Once you’ve accessed the files, you’ll need to rename the plugins folder.

Renaming this folder allows you to essentially disable any of the plugins that WordPress can run. Obviously this can cause temporary problems, but it should remove this potential problem from the equation:

  • Click in the installation folder “WordPress” (you can find out by the presence of “wp-includes”, etc. inside it).

  • When you find the WordPress folder, find “wp-content”

  • Inside this folder you will find the “plugins” folder

  • Rename the folder to something like “plugins_bk”

  • Return to your web browser and try logging in to your WordPress installation again

If it works, you need to download each plugin again and try to activate it until you find the cause of the problem.

If it doesn’t work, you should try to fix some of the basic WordPress system settings.

4. Change administrator password in DB

The WordPress system – as we mentioned – is built on PHP.

The beauty of the system lies in how it uses a database to store various information / content for your site.

To do this, if you have problems logging in, you may need to change some of the settings in the database.

Each legitimate host must provide access to the database management portal. You can use it with the following:

  • Click on the “control panel” for your hosting

  • Look for the “database” tab (this varies from host to host)

  • Most hosting providers will have “PHPMyAdmin” – click this (this allows you to manage your WordPress database)

  • From the database that appears, select the one for your WordPress installation

  • View the “users” table

  • Select your administrator account

  • Enter a new password in the “Password” field

  • In the “Type” field, select MD5

  • Click “OK” to save the recording

  • Try logging back into your WP installation

As mentioned, this is not an exhaustive list (each host handles it differently).

If you have trouble following the steps above, it’s best to talk to your hosting provider or a support company.

5. Make sure you are not in HTTPS Redirect Loop

One of the main reasons for the problem of “blocking” the administrative area in WordPress is what is known as the “HTTPS redirection loop”.

This is where you will set up your site to use HTTPS and there will be another redirection tool that prevents you from entering the administrative area.

In addition, the way cookies work is specific to the domain you have access to. HTTP and HTTPS are considered completely different objects, and thus entering one option does not allow you to access the other.

The correction for this is as follows:

  • In the WordPress database (as mentioned din Step 4), click on the table “wp_options”

  • Look for the “siteurl” option

  • Make sure it’s “http: // …”

  • Look for other links to the domain / protocol of the site

  • Make sure the “http: // …” link is available

  • Clear your browser cache (step 1)

  • Try logging in again

If that doesn’t work, it may be worth replacing your main WordPress files.

6. Replace the main WordPress files

The next step is to replace the main WordPress files on your system.

To do this, we must first make sure that the “config” file for WP (“wp-config.php”) is protected:

  • Reopen the WordPress files (from step 2)

  • Browse the root folder of your WordPress installation

  • Search “wp-config.php”

  • Download it to your computer

  • After doing this, click on your favorite search engine + search for “download WordPress”

  • You need to find the WordPress.org website

  • Click the “download” button (blue)

  • Once saved, you will need to unzip the files to a folder on your system

  • Click back on your hosting file manager

  • Select the “WordPress” folder and rename it (something like “wp_bk” or similar)

  • Create a new WordPress folder here (with the same name as the original)

  • Upload all new WordPress files you have downloaded from the WP site to this folder

  • Copy wp-config.php to the root folder (should overwrite what is already there)

  • Try logging in to the site

If there are any problems with this, you will simply be able to rename your old WP directory back to its original name.

If you still can’t resolve the issue, you’ll need more specific support. In fact, there are several ways to do this – either with similar online communities (such as Microsoft Answers or SuperUser), or from a dedicated support source (your hosting account, etc.). Fiverr is also a good place to find people who will help solve WordPress problems (but these guys will definitely have to pay).

The thing is, WordPress is usually quite a flexible platform, and the problem of not being able to access the admin area of ​​your application is certainly not as unique as you might think. To that end, it will justify your site – perhaps – getting a “check” from a WordPress company that will be able to give you a summary of what may or may not work well. They must also be able to address the defective administrative area.


How To Make Money Online With Blogs In 2015


This is a great way to create a new income stream and maybe replace your income in your job.

Using a great platform like WordPress, you can literally create anything from a sales page to a fully functional income-generating blog.

How do you make money with a blog?

There are many ways to generate income with a blog and make money online very easily with some powerful techniques that I will share here.

You will want to share great content first, otherwise no one will have a reason to go there. You also want to have an inclusion list where you give a free report or something. You can then add banners to create a revenue stream where people click on your banners when they visit your blog. You can then add affiliate links or links to other products and services that you can offer to entice your viewers to buy more from you.

I’m sure you can see that a blog can be a great way to make money online without much input once it’s set up.

You will need to write new blog posts every week, maybe 2 or 3, to keep it fresh and exciting. You’ll also want to maximize your visits by having highly targeted keywords in your content so that your blog posts appear on search engines. Then you want to send traffic to your blog or paid, or free traffic methods.

Both types of traffic are useful, but paid traffic is faster and the other is free, so it just depends on what you have more, TIME OR MONEY?

In simple words, if no one finds your blog posts, you have no visitors and no revenue.

OK lets break it:










There are other things to keep in mind, but for now, these are the main areas you need to master first.

Once you are in the back office of your blog, you can play around and learn what needs to be done to maximize the effectiveness of your site.

For example, you will need an SEO expert or some SEO training to find out how to fully expose your blog to the right people. If you want to know how to make money online in the best way, you need to outsource some areas to really benefit from your blog.

I’m not experienced at all, but I managed to create my own blog and website, so I’m sure you can do the same. And it’s worth it, because you can earn anything from a few hundred dollars extra a week to something like 10,000 a month, or even a week if your site ranks high in search engines.

If you need more help, then take a look at my blog and get some ideas for what we talked about here.

For your success with “How to make money online with blogs” in 2015


Online payment systems – funds transfer


If you are a freelancer working from home, a business person or a merchandiser, then you may be worried about the method of payment, payments to employees, purchase and sale of remittances, etc. it is quite difficult for them to transfer money to their country. By the way, if you are enrolled in any freelance market, this should be crucial for you. Just think for a second.

You work from home and hope to get a sum of money. If you find it difficult to send money to your country, will you continue to work online? You will be glad to hear this, there are a number of systems that you can use to send money. But before use, you need to learn to know which is the best in terms of cost and time.

Well, here are some systems you can use to get the BEST result to transfer money wherever you want:

»Prepaid Master Card (online card payments)



»Direct deposit / ACH

” Bank transfer.

Here are the systems you can use to transfer money. So which one would be best for you ?? Let’s look at:

Most freelance sites offer a free debit prepaid MasterCard with Payoneer.


01. Providers around the world are free to register for a debit (prepaid) master card.

02. They give a chance to get a free account for everyone.

03. You can use it anywhere (Prepaid) Master Card accepted.

04. Withdrawal from a freelance site to Payoneer takes 2 days.

05. If you are in Emergency or Hurry, you can load the earned or deposited money on your main Payoneer card (prepaid) within two hours. (Remember this time) Payoneer charges $ 2.50 for this.

06. It really is not only very fast, but also too easy.

07. Of course, you can make local international transactions, such as paying employee payments, buying and selling products you like, donating to people, paying for your web hosting site, and so on.

08. The big chance is that after making three successful transactions, Payoneer will allow you to open a virtual bank account in the US, through which you can register for a PayPal account.


01. Fees are relatively high.

02. The activation fee is very high.

03. A failed ATM transaction can cost you $ 0.90.

04. Payoneer needs almost 20-30 days to be activated, as Payoneer will send you the card as airmail.

05. For your Payoneer (prepaid MasterCard) you have to pay monthly account maintenance fees.


Advantages and disadvantages of using application hosting


Many of my clients have asked me what exactly hosting an application means. It has an easy concept, application hosting or we can say that application hosting is a web based solution that allows customers to run software applications through the cloud periodically and is usually provided by ASP, ie.

The ASP requirement is evolving from the rising cost of specialized software, which far exceeds the price range of small and medium-sized businesses. In addition, the increasing complexity of the software has led to the maximum cost of distributing the software to end users. With the help of ASP, the complexity and cost of such software can be reduced. In addition, upgrade issues have been eliminated by the end company by assigning ASP to maintain up-to-date services, 24 x 7 technical support, physical and electronic security, and built-in support for business continuity and flexibility.

A hosted cloud system can be rented or leased on a monthly or annual basis, thus eliminating the need to purchase expensive equipment, the main reason being that most of the equipment is hosted by the service provider and all communication is routed. through this provider to and from your company’s website or websites. Setting up an application-hosted environment has an advantage in terms of operating costs, and is also easier to install, increases flexibility, and allows communication from anywhere in the world with ease.

The hosted cloud solution is very cheap to operate, and as usage and user usage increase, the cost advantage of hosted application systems simply disappears.

The next question is what does hosting mean?

Hosting is a software application distribution system in which client applications such as CRM, Location Intelligence or others are maintained and managed by a qualified service provider and provided to clients as a service via the WWW. This means that there is an application on the provider’s servers, not internal servers of client staff. Application software can be instantly accessed and shared by customer sales / marketing through a web browser.

Advantages of good solutions for hosting services:

  • No loss of security / data control

  • Easy and fast implementation and faster return on investment

  • No steep learning curves, and also provides easy use to customers

  • Reduced sales, marketing and IT support every time

  • Cheaper software and hardware costs

  • Round-the-clock maintenance, support and security

  • Automatic and frequent application software upgrades

  • Ability to implement current improvements

The biggest advantage is that customers share and access important information with all their sales and marketing teams, instead of being on their individual desktops. In addition, customers should receive: Sales and marketing on the same page, sharing similar information at all times Improved company image and customer loyalty Reduced costs and increased revenue and return on investment.

The following are some inherent disadvantages:

  • The customer usually has to accept the application as intended, as ASP can only afford a customized solution for the largest customers

  • The customer can rely on the provider to provide a critical business feature, thereby limiting control over that feature and relying on the provider instead

  • Changes in the ASP market can lead to changes in the type or level of service available to customers

  • Integration with the client’s non-ASP systems can be problematic

Assessing the security of an application service provider when switching to an ASP infrastructure can lead to a high cost, as such a firm must assess the level of risk associated with the ASP itself. Lack of proper reporting of such risk can lead to:

  • Loss of control over corporate data

  • Loss of control over the corporate image

  • Insufficient ASP security to counter the risks

  • Exposing corporate data to other ASP clients

  • Compromise corporate data


High disk IO problem in Windows HyperV Server


Are your customers facing slowness in their Windows VPS?

Are you using HyperV virtualization technology for a Windows VPS?

Is your customer service desk full of the same delay theme?

– Then this is probably a problem with High Disk I / O in the main node.

Poor server performance usually occurs due to factors such as …

– Excessive use of RAM

– IO with high disk

– High CPU usage

– High network usage

– Low network connectivity, etc. …

Finding a solution to poor performance is somewhat like conducting scientific experiments. When you notice that the server performance is not what you want it to be, the first thought that comes up of several options should be the active threads on your server that consume high IO resources. Setting up your thread will act as a key to normalize your server. To achieve more satisfactory server performance as a result of several thread tuning modifications, you can assume / assume that the specific thread tuning shows the best server performance.

How do I identify and resolve a low server performance issue?

You can check for the steps below to identify the problem with slow server performance due to high disk input / output:

  • First log in to the HyperV node, then open the Task Manager, on the Performance tab, click Resource Monitor.
  • Click the Disk tab under Disk Activity Check to see if the maximum active disk time is between 95% to 100%, and then identify this process or VPS that is performing a high read and write operation.
  • If this process is ‘$ LogFile’, click Start -> Administrative Tools -> Event Viewer. In the Event Viewer window, click Windows Logs -> Security (in the left pane) and check if an event is continuously writing logs, and then stop the process.
  • If a Windows VPS is performing a high read / write operation, log in to that VPS and check which process is responsible for the high use of IO resources. If we find that the use of RAM and reading / writing the page.sys file is higher, you should notify this client to add more RAM to the VPS. Because we know that when using RAM on any Windows-based system, it will use a small amount of hard disk as virtual memory and this will put a heavy load on the main server’s hard disk, and the main server’s Disk IO will be increase, which will result in a slow execution of each VPS on this HyperV node.
  • If this does not result in your disk IO below 95%, do the same with another VPS (Second read + write operation), etc.

How can I prevent this problem?

  • You can monitor the use of hard drive and RAM on each VPS. If RAM or HDD usage is over 90%, you can notify your customer to upgrade to a higher plan or purchase additional resources.
  • You can stop automatic updates on any application installed on a Windows VPS.
  • The HyperV integration service must be updated on all virtual machines.

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Blog Commenting Benefits


The benefits of blogging comments include building high-profile links and gaining popularity. This in turn leads to you being recognized as a professional in your niche. That’s why it’s highly recommended that you focus your comments on blogs on secure sites. These are domains that have a registered SSL certificate and an enabled https protocol. So, if your own site is not yet secure, just contact your hosting provider and request registration for an SSL certificate.

But what is Link Building?

Link building is part of your SEO optimization on site and is crucial if you are going to take advantage of your blog comment. There are inbound and outbound links, but as mentioned earlier, try to focus on https URLs. Building links can increase the popularity of your site depending on the type of links. This is why High Authority links are more preferred. In short, link building is the art of linking to relevant content to increase popularity and conversion.

Can I get traffic to my blog by commenting?

Yes, you can take advantage of your blog commenting and drive more web traffic to your blog. But that will largely depend on what you comment on and to whom. Read other comments and a note about what is being discussed, but more importantly what is wanted. Read the post you are going to comment on (to the last word) and add value to the content in your comment.

To reap the benefits of commenting on traffic blogs, your content needs to be as compelling as any. The comment should inspire curiosity by addressing a need. And also offer a solution (without any connections) because you are building a reputation, not a bank account.

You need to be painfully specific with your targeting. Because random comments with promotional content do not comment. This is nothing more than spam and no professional webmaster will ever approve of your comment. Blogging is not a way to drive traffic to your partnerships and offers. This is a way to drive traffic to your own blog and blog posts.

What exactly is a professional commentary?

The professional comment does not include any links unless the blog owner requests it. Or in blogs that have the Comment Luv plugin enabled. But even then, the plugin will only share the link to your last post. The comment window will ask for your name, email address, and URL. Here you share your own blog URL or the URL of one of your blog posts.

When you effectively inspire curiosity, then naturally the visitor will want to know more. They will then visit your blog and will most likely stay for a while. And this is the difference between a hit and an actual visitor left in your blog.

But what if the URL option is not provided?

If it is not present in the comments window, then you do not include any links in the comment. Many of these comment sections may be linked to sites such as Disquss. In this case, you need to open your free account and sign up for the ultimate benefits of commenting on the blog this way.

With this commenting method, all your comments will be saved in your Disquss account. Which in turn includes the URL of your blog. So when inspired readers visit your profile, they will also visit your blog.

What is the difference between inbound and outbound connections?

Inbound links are links to content with the same primary URL. These are both relevant posts and links to blog pages on the same blog. Each post must include at least one link to another blog page. A link to a blog post is considered an “orphaned” link without a link to a blog page. These are hyperlinks placed in the content of posts and pages.

Outbound links are links to blog posts and pages with a different URL from the main one. They are also placed as hyperlinks in your own content related to the content contained in the shared link.

In conclusion

The benefits of commenting on a blog include increasing the site’s popularity through content and presentation. Popular sites attract more favor from search engines and will increase the chances of ranking your blog. But a blog comment is not a sales page called Spam. Commenting on other blogs should only be used to drive traffic to your own blog. You cannot promote affiliate links and offers in a blog comment.